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How to Not Get Interrupted

Friday, May 8, 2009 4:14 AM

While the title of this article will certainly get your hopes up, I'll have to bring you down a notch right away: there is no guaranteed way to shake off a determined 'rupter. That being said, and now that you are thoroughly disappointed in me, I will tell you how to make your enemies' lives more difficult. This applies largely to PvP only.

The first thing to do is understand how a good interrupter will try to botch your skills. It seems incredible, but an experienced player can actually catch your 1/4th second cast-time spells enough times to make you wonder if they are cheating somehow. They aren't cheating, they're just reading you like an open book. They can predict what you'll do.

It's less of a science and more of an art-form, depending who you ask, but there are a few common patterns a 'rupter will take advantage of. One is the common practice of using skills one right after another: a monk under heavy pressure is very prone to casting spells as fast as possible, which allows the interrupter the opportunity to time his interrupts to match.

Another tell-tale sign that a spell is about to be cast is movement. If a player moves and runs around often to escape from melee pursuers (for example), the instant they stop moving the interrupter can blindly fire off with a good chance of success.

So, what can you do about this? Understand what the interrupter is looking for, and do not give it to them! If under you're pressure, wait just a half-second before casting. If you're running, wait a second before using that fireball. Most importantly however, do not be consistent! Stop sometimes while running, but then run again instead of casting, then stop suddenly and cast without waiting. Mix things up, don't let your timing fall into a predictable rhythm.

One last tip that will prove useful: if you have a spell with a long casting-time and you know you have an interrupter watching you, begin casting your spell, but then cancel it with ESC. Watch to see if your enemy has tried to interrupt you, then cast again. You may waste the energy, but you don't have to wait for the skill recharge, or worse.

Update: Protips from a Reader: A buddy of mine pointed out a few other tricks when trying to avoid being interrupted by rangers. He says to use the terrain to your advantage and hide behind buildings, hills, columns, anything to obstruct their line of sight. Also pay attention to the distance between yourself and the ranger; if you're just barely out of his range it will take him longer to get within range to 'rupt. Not only that, but just the flight time for his arrows can be the millisecond you need to get that spell cast successfully, so if all else fails just make sure you're not standing next to him!

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